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Production Management for Projects Under....

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Over the years, Dani Bowman has premiered 8 award winning animated shorts at San Diego Comic-Con before entering the film festival circuits.

Dani Bowman has done production management for all her animated shorts including her latest work, "The Audition"

The Audition

Senior Thesis Film (2018)

Mindy is a young girl who wants to be a circus clown. She faces lots of obstacles, but she won't let anything stop her including the sword swallowing lizard Sandra, who is competing for the same position. 


Will Mindy get the spot or will Sandra foil Mindy's plans?

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Be on a look out to find the "Big Top" at your local film festivals through out the year!

Other Projects

DaniMation Original, Story by Kevin Sean Micheals, Starring Tom Kenny (The voice of SpongeBob Squarepants) (2012)

The Namazu.png

Co-Produced with Annoyin' Ninja Films and Sagaponack Books (2015)


Co-Produced with Strange Flavour ltd. Story by Dani Bowman, Starring Joe Mantegna (2014)


Junior Studio Film at WoodBury University School of Media, Culture and Design (2017)


Co-Produced with EDU Designs, Starring the legendary June Foray (2016)

Mr Raindrop.png

Co-Produced with Next Pictures (2012)

Hannah Lost Her Smile.png

Co-Produced with Inclusion Films. Story by Ray Martino and Danny Sarokin (2013)

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